Link building, an important part of SEO campaign

When it comes to top SEO results it’s really all about links… All website owners invest a lot of time and money on SEO,Link building, an important part of SEO campaign Articles to enhance their site’s visibility and popularity.

Link Building is an important part of Search Engine Optimization; it is an efficient tool to achieve the same end. Link Building is a practice of getting websites pointing to another site. There are 2 types of External links: inbound and outbound links. Inbound links are links pointing to a webpage and outbound links are links pointing from a webpage to another webpage. From an SEO point of view and to increase a website ranking, a website should have more inbound links than outbound links.

Link building has become increasingly important in building a successful and strong online presence while also achieving high search engine rankings. A successful link building campaign involves much more than simply locating as many websites as possible and exchanging links. There are many effective techniques and methods that can be used for building such high quality links including:

1) Link exchanges

2) One way link building

3) Article submission

4) Press release

5) Directory submission

6) Blogging

7) Social bookmarking

These activities are time consuming as it requires a significant amount of research. Link building is a difficult task and requires a lot of patience and effort. This is the reason why a lot of companies are outsourcing link Building services to SEO companies in India: they will have more time to concentrate on another activity, to focus on those aspects of business that they excel in, such as client co-ordination and business development, while an SEO services company in India will take care of the link building services.

The search engines do not give much hidden wiki importance to the quantity or the number of links pointing to a website, because there are some incorrect methods that will increased the quantity of backlinks, like cloaking, redirecting and adding hidden content into the web pages…

The Search engines give importance to the Quality of the backlinks, it depends on genuineness and richness of the content of a particular website which is linking to. The most significant factor in determining the quality of the links is the Relevancy. Relevancy is an extremely important component today in the algorithms used by many top search engines. When a particular link is relevant to a site, it means that that particular link belongs to a site which is content rich and genuine, and, belongs to the same theme.

Relevant links carry more significance even than high PR irrelevant links. It’s important to understand that Links are not all equal, obtaining links that have authority on a relevant topic will have a much bigger impact on a website than links carrying little or no authority or relevancy. To improve the search engine ranking of a website it is essential also to get many one-way links to your website. One-way links are links that link to a site without linking back to the linkpage (reciprocal backlinks).