Vieques, Puerto Rico – Getting There

Getting to Vieques from the States can be simple and sensibly modest. It’s not any more troublesome than traveling to the Florida Keys and less issue than making a trip to practically some other Caribbean island. Here is several hints on how I do it when I travel this way and that.

First off, Puerto Rico is a U.S. federation and American residents at present needn’t bother with an identification to enter or exit. This will ultimately change yet we’ll manage that later. Regardless of where you’re flying from in the States you’ll book a trip to San Juan International Airport (SJU). Pretty much every significant east coast city has non-stop trips to San Juan a few times each day and it’s overhauled by about six carriers, including American and United.

Book the earliest conceivable trip into San Juan. On the off chance that you’re coming from an east coast city like New York or D.C. you can without much of a stretch show up before early afternoon. This will give you a lot of time and choices to for getting to Vieques that very evening.

You have two different ways of getting to the island, flying or taking the ship. How about we start with the last option. The Vieques ship is situated in the town of Fajardo which is around 35 miles from San Juan and it leaves a few times each day. From the San Juan Airport you’ll take a taxi van, called a publico, to Fajardo. There is a publico stand right external the air terminal’s baggage carousel region. The ride as of now costs $80 and takes between 45 minutes to an hour relying upon traffic. One fast note here: San Juan cab drivers can be crazy. Assuming you’re a fighter returning home from caravan obligation in Iraq you’ll be very OK with the excursion. For most of you, take a Valium and hold tight. The cabbies in all actuality do communicate in English and you should tip them. I give an additional a $20 in the event that we don’t kill anybody on the way.

When you get to Fajardo you’ll be dropped off at the fajardo taxi ship terminal. You’ll need to purchase your tickets right away. The ticket specialists are in the more modest structure straightforwardly across the road from the primary terminal. This can be an exceptionally turbulent scene on a little road so get your cabbie to call attention to where to go.

The ship costs just $2 per individual one way however you might be charged for an additional a ticket assuming your gear is outstandingly large. Keep your sacks with you consistently. Burglary is really uncommon here and the terminal generally appears to have a few police sticking around, however don’t entice an intermittent nitwit. Assuming you have a huge gathering and a heap of sacks, send one individual up to purchase tickets for everybody, except bring up the gathering to the specialists. They’ll decide whether you really want additional tickets for your packs. Try not to attempt to sneak tremendous baggage on without paying. It won’t work and you’ll presumably pass up this amazing opportunity as a result of it.