The Blind Side of Marketing

Autumn is officially upon us and with this comes the beginning of collegiate and professional football. As fall begins and football becomes the subject of choice I’ve started to think and talk about the correlation observed between football and small business in the use of planning and strategy to protect their most valuable investments from the blind side.

The blind side in football was made famous by a movie of the same name starring Sandra Bullock. The blind side is the side of the field where the quarterback is most vulnerable, the side he can’t see when he drops back to make a pass. Football teams draft special players and pay them big money contracts to play the position that protects this blind side. The left tackle position is occupied by the biggest, strongest, and fastest linemen on the field.

Small business owners need to think and act like the general manager of a football team. They must make wise choices to protect their franchise investments. The blind side in business is the area you are most vulnerable and for many small business owners this is marketing. As a small business owner you would be wise to find the biggest, strongest, and fastest means to produce new revenue to protect your blind side.

Like millions of Americans I enjoy watching and analyzing football plays, but in my case I can’t just watch football without analyzing the strategy used to execute each play.

My enjoyment of football comes from watching the offensive line execute and open holes for running backs and protecting the quarterback. This is the result of watching my son try to squeeze through holes opened by the 300+ pound offensive linemen. Linemen are big, strong, and agile. They can move their robust bodies all over the field while executing plays. Many fans only follow the ball and this causes them to miss the small execution steps of the ufbet ราคาค่าน้ำ linemen.

Marketing is the offensive gain plan for business. Without marketing a company would not receive new revenue gains to help it grow and prosper. Likewise a football team will not win if it does not gain yardage and score. Marketing actions are like linemen on a football team. Marketing works in the trenches making small contributions and when combined with the efforts of the rest of the team it produces measurable gains.

Like in football marketing can only work well when there is a game plan. In marketing this is called a marketing plan and it can determine whether your company experiences success or failure. A good marketing plan can be simple to create and simple to implement.