How to Become a Better Soccer (Football) Goalie – Tips and Advice

day in and out if they want to make it to the top level of Soccer. The advice in this article is helpful, only if you act on it. Simply reading this article is not going to make you a better goalie. Until you put this information into practice you will never reach your full potential as a Soccer goalie.

1) Diving

• Learn to dive to both sides; a goalie that can only dive one way is relatively useless.
• Dive with your hand first not your head. It isn’t fun putting your head into a Soccer goal post.
• Improve your vertical jump this will help your diving (Strength Training & Plyo-metrics)

2) Quick Reflexes

• This is the most important aspect of a Soccer goalie.
• Search the internet for reflex training drills.
• Become a Futsal or Indoor goalie, the quick  ติดต่อแทงบอล ufabet action will help your reflexes.

3) Covering Angles

• Learning to properly cover angles will save you a lot of work as a Soccer goalie.
• The closer you are to the opponent the harder it will be for him to score.
• Come out and “be big”, cover as much space as possible.

4) Reading Opponents

• Most players will look up when they are going to shoot. Try to read their eyes.
• The direction of the shooters foot will generally tell when they are going to place the ball.
• You will learn mainly through experience. Keep trying to read your opponents.

5) High Balls

• On corners or crosses you need to be a commanding force in your box.
• Come out strong and punch the Soccer ball clear or catch the ball if possible.
• Be realistic, don’t try to go for a ball that is way out of your Soccer goalie area.